I strained a muscle in my right shoulder last week, wheelbarrowing some stones around - couldn't move for a day or two. Doctor prescribed some diazepam which helped a little. Went to Sarah-jane who beat me up with her Hot Stones - Wonderful, I hadn't realised how knotted and stiff my shoulders had become. Should sleep like a baby tonight - Thank You.

Jamie, Gardener and Handyman

Recently I had the misfortune to sustain an injury at work and pulled my groin which was extremely painful. Just doing simple things like getting out of a chair or turning over in bed became a major hindrance and extremely painful.
Being self-employed in the construction industry, lots of lifting and heavy physical work, meant I had to take time off work, which means no work,no pay. So as I had visited Sarah Jane at Eden NHB before I thought it was worth another visit to see if she could help.
After just one session in her clinic, which is very friendly and peaceful, the pain had almost gone and my mobility improved to the extent that I was able to return to work fully functional on the Monday. Within two days I had no pain at all and wished that I had booked an appointment with her earlier.
As I said being self-employed means no work, no pay and I intend to visit once a month to help mobility and prevent the build up of tension and stress on my body.

Jim Urquhart, Bognor Regis

Hi Sarah Jane,

Would like to say a big THANK YOU, before coming to see you I had suffered bouts of agonising back pain for many years, after only 3 sessions I could not believe the results, I have my mobility back, I did not realise how restricted I had been, I can now walk long distance without any pain and my range of movement has improved I feel like a new person,

Have a great Holiday..

Jackie Boyle - Fire Safety Officer. West Sussex Fire Brigade

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